TE Greengineers

TE Greengineers (TEG) provide holistic strategic planning consulting services in the areas of buildings, operations, and sustainability. TEG was formed to provide sustainability management and policy consulting services to parent company Time Equities, Inc. (TEI) and its strategic partners. TEI is implementing portfolio-wide sustainability initiatives aiming to improve performance and reduce the carbon footprint associated with the operation of its buildings. After successful implementation of a number of measures and retrofits, TEI Department of Sustainability began offering its services to third parties as TE Greengineers.

TE Greengineers (TEG) works as a support team in helping our clients create a building portfolio that is managed to its highest performance, has optimized energy and water usage, has creative and innovative design strategies for tenant retention and engagement, as well as, accountability for all building stakeholders. TEG works with our clients as a partner to help design, develop and manage strategies that will optimize and market their Brand in the Sustainability Market.

Our area of specialization includes new development and renovations within: