CSR + Sustainability = ESG

By Bryan Hadick, 9 February 2018


We are often asked, What is ESG? Why not just say sustainability?

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ZERO x 2030: 2018

By Bryan Hadick, 25 January 2018

Here in NYC, the city is striving to send Zero Waste to landfills by 2030. At work and at home, how can we do our part?

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TE Greengineers Newsletter Issue No.04

By Bryan Hadick, December 2017

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Introducing Our Building Wellness Label

TE Greengineers is pleased to announce our new Building Wellness label. Inspired by the instantly recognizable look of the US FDA's Nutrition Facts label, the Building Wellness label shares a similar purpose of consumer information.

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New York Underwater: Real Estate & Climate Change

By Bryan Hadick, 10 July 2017

TE Greengineers VP and TEI Sustainability Director Maya Jaber Camou was recently interviewed for an article in The Real Deal's July 2017 issue focusing on the impact of climate change to NYC's real estate industry.

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TE Greengineers Newsletter Issue No.03

By Bryan Hadick, July 2017


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TE Greengineers Newsletter Issue No.02

By Bryan Hadick, April 2017

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TEI Earth Month 2017

By Bryan Hadick, 7 April 2017

Since its inception in 1970, Earth Day has been an annual global demonstration of commitments to environmental protection. Its birth coincided with the founding of the US EPA, and marks the beginning of our modern ecological consciousness...

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Green is for Profits, not Paint

By Bryan Hadick, 6 March 2017

On Tuesday, 28 February 2017, TE Greengineers attended Stop the Greenwashing and Make 'Green Buildings' Mean Something: A Conversation with Anthony E. Malkin, Chairman of Empire State Realty Trust, an event generously presented by the Guarini Center on Environmental, Energy, and Land-Use Law at NYU School of Law...

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Net-Zero New Year

By Bruan Hadick, 30 December 2016

Like all moments of transition, the New Year offers an opportunity to pause, reflect and refocus, so that we can move ahead more confidently, boldly, and successfully.  Many of us use the New Year to self-evaluate and refresh ambitions for personal growth, professional development, health and fitness, or relationships.  For anyone thinking of a New Year's goal, TE Greengineers proposes a challenge: Join us in working to become Net-Zero waste generators in the next year...

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Health & Wellbeing in Commercial Real Estate

By Bryan Hadick, 12 December 2016

On Wednesday, 7 December 2016, TE Greengineers attended the Heath & Wellbeing in Commercial Real Estate conference, presented by GRESB at the world's original green skyscraper, 4 Times Square NYC.  This event assembled over 50 professionals representing a diversity of roles, knowledge, and experience, united by the shared goal of advancing the performance of our built environment in providing for the health of human occupants...

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TEI’s 2016 Annual Conference: Innovation for the Next 50 Years

By Bryan Hadick, 28 November 2016

On Tuesday, 15 November 2016, Time Equities Inc. held our annual conference, which was an opporutnity for members of the TEI community to gather and share their department's achievements and prospects.  This year's event was extraordinary in that it celebrated TEI's 50th year of business...

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COP21 Goes Live: What Will the Green Future Look Like?

By Bryan Hadick, 27 October 2017

 It's Official

On 5 October 2016, the UN Paris Agreement crossed the threshold for activation at which at least 55 parties accounting for at least 55% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions have submitted their forms of ratification.  The banner was broken by the entrance of the European Union, Canada, Bolivia and Nepal, following September's ratifications by the US and China - the world's two greatest economies and largest carbon generators.  With 86 parties currently signed-on (and rising!), the Paris Agreement will enter into force on 4 November 2016...

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The Big Apple Takes a Big Bite: How Policy, Data & Design are Collaborating to Green NYC’s Biggest Buildings

By Bryan Hadick, 20 October 2016

Greener Greater Buildings

Although NYC comprises almost 1-million existing structures, almost half of the city's square-footage and total energy use is concentrated in only 2% of these properties, which are buildings of greater than 50,000 square feet.  Improving the design, systems, and management of these biggest buildings could therefore yield the biggest single-source gains towards NYC's overall energy goals...

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Green Lease Library Online - Innovating Leases

Innovating Leases to be green is simply the modification of clauses to align the financial interests of building owners and tenants so both have an incentive to save energy and make cost-effective upgrades...

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New York City Earns Most Sustainable U.S. City

New York City leads the United States for sustainability, according to the Sustainable Cities Index...

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Green must be the new industry default

"Sustainable building has gained its momentum in the building sector among real estate firms.  But if we're serious...

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3 trends align to save buildings millions in energy costs

"By 2050, 70-percent of the world population will live in cities, a change that will add 40-percent to the current world building stock...

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The Data Is In: Green Buildings Financially Outperform Rivals

"Using the study's statistically significant U.S. and Canadian findings on a combined basis, a green-certified North American office asset would enjoy, on average...

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Community EWaste Drive at 219 Dufferin St.

"We are proud of our Management team at 219 Dufferin St. in Toronto who continue to push our efforts to improve our building, our tenants' experience and the community they are in.  219 Dufferin St. is a LEED Gold building...

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The Good Business of Green Buildings

"In recent years, the global real estate industry has been adopting numerous green building strategies and technologies to reduce its overall environmental impact, and these initiatives are gaining popularity...

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Sustainability efforts transforming commercial office buildings

Sustainability efforts are increasingly common in the commercial real estate industry, with property owners and managers - along with their tenants - placing increased value on incorporating design features that are environmentally sound while reducing energy consumption...

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COP21: A Global Declaration for a Sustainable Future

By Bryan Hadick, 4 August 2016

Consensus for Progress

In December 2015, leaders of more than 190 countries met in Paris for the United Nations Convention on Climate Change.  The Agreement which was reached represents the most unified and ambitious global commitment to date, and charts a new course in the two-decades old discussion on climate...

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Wall Street Journal: Urban Sanctuary Takes Shape at 50 West Street

Beginning this fall, the function of this new 24-hour, privately owned public space will be revealed: Construction is expected to begin then on a 230-foot long pedestrian bridge over the six-lanes of West Street...

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NY State's Most Ambitious Climate Bill

The New York State Assembly has passed the most ambitious climate bill in the country, one that would require the state to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from major sources to zero by 2050...

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TE Greengineers VP Maya Camou Interviewed in NY Post

For the New York Post's 4/19/16 article "NYC Office Buildings are Buzzing with New Green Spaces", Maya Camou spoke with Lois Weiss about using certification standards to achieve healthy, valuable tenant spaces...

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