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ZERO x 2030: 2018

By Bryan Hadick, 25 January 2018

Here in NYC, the city is striving to send Zero Waste to landfills by 2030. Commiting to long-term waste reduction is a key part of Mayor DeBlasio's OneNYC plan for a thriving, equitable, sustainable, and resilient city, and it is a goal we all have a part in.


At work and at home, how can we do our part? Basically, just by being mindful - choosing to use fewer disposable products and bags, making sure that recyclable items make it into the proper bins, and keeping the wrong products from contaminating recycling streams - That's it!


At TEI, we are striving in the New Year to reduce waste and improve our diversion rates. We know it is easy to forget exactly what can and can't be recycled, so we're sharing the following 1-minute video from NYC Sanitation that makes it simple. You can do your part by getting it right, because improper sorting is like not recycling at all!