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Introducing Our Building Wellness Label

By Bryan Hadick, 13 November 2017

TE Greengineers is pleased to announce our new Building Wellness label.


Inspired by the instantly recognizable look of the US FDA's Nutrition Facts label, the Building Wellness label shares a similar purpose of consumer information. It aims to provide building tenants and occupants with accessible, simplified information about the building's operational performance. This kind of transparency acknowledges the connection between environmental and personal wellbeing, and fosters a positive relationship between building management and tenants.


Categories for the Building Wellness label are based upon initiatives TE Greengineers has developed for the Time Equities portfolio, including responsible resource management, effective policy implementation, and performance certification. These initiatives touch the full-range of building operations and can be leveraged to achieve reduced operating costs, improved occupant wellbeing, and reduced environmental impact.


The Building Wellness label is being debuted at Time Equities' premier green office building, 125 Maiden Lane in New York City, where it will be displayed in the entryway and tenant spaces. Besides being a LEED certified office co-op, 125 Maiden Lane is an early adopter of the TEI Building Policy for operational performance, which TE Greengineers developed this year.


Let's talk about steps your building can take to improve its efficiency and wellness.